Air Force 270 Sneakers

Air Force 270 AH6772-004

Product Code: ZF-0108

Air Force 270 AH6772-004

2 403.00грн. 4 251.00грн.Ex Tax: 2 403.00грн.


Air Force 270 Medium Olive Challenge Red AH6772-200

Product Code: ZF-0050

Air Force 270 Medium Olive Challenge Red AH6772-200

2 701.00грн. 4 251.00грн.Ex Tax: 2 701.00грн.


Air Force 270 Red Croc AH6772-600

Product Code: ZF-0094

Air Force 270 Red Croc AH6772-600

2 503.00грн. 4 251.00грн.Ex Tax: 2 503.00грн.

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Nike Air Force 270 Daily Trainers

Being in constant motion, being on a walk, on the way to work or while playing sports, you understand that comfort of movement comes first, which is due to the quality of shoes. Many brands, releasing a new collection, take into account the problems and wishes of their potential customers. This approach elevates manufacturers to the top of the rankings and keeps them there for many years.

Air Force 270 Sneakers

The Nike brand has been around for over 40 years. During this time, millions of sports shoe lovers around the world have become significantly happier. Each of their products undergoes several checks so that the final version of the product is of high quality and meets the requirements of customers. An example is the Air Force 270 collection. Here are collected premium sneakers for every day.

Retro style combined with modern elements looks unique and interesting. The Nike Air Force 270 line is distinguished by the presence of a wide strap on the front side. It is designed for additional fixation, and externally looks like an element of the "military" style.

Features and Benefits of Nike Air Force 270

Externally and in weight, the crosses are more massive than their predecessors. Air Force 270 is designed more for everyday wear than for basketball and running sports, as mentioned.

The original models have their own characteristics:

  • a variety of colors - allows you to choose a pair for every taste;
  • comfortable tailoring - an air cushion under the heel provides shock absorption, a wide strap secures the ankle, a non-slip sole made of foam;
  • natural inserts - original-models have elements of leather or suede;
  • breathability - perforations in the toe area, textile fabric and a breathable insole inside prevent sweating and discomfort in warm weather and during prolonged movement.

Durable, dense construction, adjustable fit create maximum comfort for your feet. The leather in the sneaker is soft, so it conforms to the shape of the foot, which prevents chafing.

The Nike Air Force 270 is available for any season. Their qualities make you feel comfortable in different climatic conditions.

The opinion that sneakers refer only to a sporty style is no longer relevant. They have taken to the streets of cities from gyms, complementing almost any look. "Air Force 270" will be very useful for jeans, shorts, sweatshirts, jackets. You can find combinations with a coat. But formal style doesn't go well with this kind of shoe.

Where Nike Air Force 270 buy cheap in Ukraine

To save time on searches and money for purchase, it is worth visiting our online store. The company offers to buy cheap original Air Force 270 sneakers from the manufacturer Nike. All prices and discounts can be viewed on the website.

It is faster and easier to order Air Force 270 using the Quick Order button. This will save time on filling out the fields with the necessary information, since you will give it to our manager, who will call you back in a few minutes, orally.

If you do not have the ability or desire to talk, put Nike Air Force 270 in the Trash, enter the required data, and expect the parcel in 2-3 days. If an application is made before 14:30, the goods are sent on the same day, if later - the next.

We work only through "New mail", mainly by cash on delivery, but there is a possibility of full prepayment to save on shipping costs. If you wish, you can use the services of a courier by making a preliminary deposit of 200 UAH for insurance. This cost will be deducted from the Nike Air Force 270 price.

Exchange and return are possible within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods, provided:

  • maintaining the original appearance;
  • no signs of wearing shoes;
  • the presence of a receipt, tags and the whole package.

We offer Nike Air Force 270 to buy profitably in our online store. Hurry up to choose your model and color to be in trend.