Model description

Air Force is a classic model, literally the brand's trademark and one of the most recognizable sneaker models in the world. It was originally a basketball shoe that first saw the light of day in 1982.

It is worth noting that in those years, Air cushioning technology literally made a technological revolution in the world of sports shoes and footwear in general. Today, air force can be safely considered a universal shoe for any occasion, they are ideal for everyday wear, they can be worn with jeans, trousers or shorts, and even with a dress! There are leather forces, textile forces (flyknit air force), winter force sneakers (nike lunar force duckboot). And there are also suede air force (air force sude). Regardless of the material, air forces differ in height - air force low (low forces), air force mid (medium forces) and air force high (high forces, in fact, are not very different from mid models).

So why did AF1 sneakers become so popular?

Let's talk in more detail about this legend.

The very name of the Air Force 1 sneakers was borrowed from the plane of the 40th US President Reagan.

Regardless of the model - the outsole remains virtually unchanged, the air cushioning technology implies the presence of a hidden balloon (yes, air force is a sneaker with an air balloon, despite the fact that it is hidden inside the sole and is not visible from the outside). The outsole itself is made up of foam and a rubber outsole for a secure footing on all surfaces. This design has a positive effect on weight - the shoes are very light, despite the massive silhouette. The outsole shape is the result of engineering, it provides maximum contact with the ground for better traction and stability, while the outsole has an ideal bending trajectory, which positively affects the comfort of walking, running, and, most importantly, the durability of the shoe itself. ! Not many people know that when designing the sole for the very first AF1 sneakers, engineers were inspired by the technologies used in the construction of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. After all, it was both high and stable at the same time, just like the sole of the first forces! The monolithic sole affects the durability of the shoe even more, you must admit that a solid piece of any material is much more difficult to believe than the one that consists of elements interconnected in any way. What can we say about the sole! The circular pattern also did not appear here by itself. It was created to make it easier for basketball players to make circular movements around the toe that athletes often make during the game.

Most fors are made of wear-resistant leather, it is a much stronger and more durable material than textiles, but what about the temperature balance? Separately, it is worth mentioning the ventilation system, which ensures comfort and thermal balance of your feet in any weather, "smart" membranes will not let your feet get wet, even if the presence of perforation in the nose of the sneaker does not scare you!

As for the seasonality - most air force models are absolutely all-season, they can be worn in summer and winter, in rain and snow! Naturally, there are insulated models, such as the Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot winter sneakers!

Almost all air forces are unisex sneakers - they are suitable for women and men, the only difference is in size. Naturally, there are both male air force and female air force separately.

What is the difference between Low and Mid forcing? Obviously the difference is in the height of the shoes. This is due to the fact that Air Force 1 is originally sports, namely, basketball shoes! In this sport, stability and fixation of the leg is very important in order to avoid injury. It is logical that the first forces were only high, but the Low models appeared on the market after a whole 10 years! Visually, the sneakers differ in height and the presence (at high) of an ankle strap (Proprioceptive Belt).

Force sneakers are mainly made in Vietnam, but there are also models made in China. However, this is not a cause for alarm, do not forget - these are quality air force sneakers anyway!

And regardless of the spelling and pronunciation, be it air force sneakers, air force, or air force - you can buy them in our online store!

Here are the main reasons to buy Air Force:

  1. Durability and reliability of footwear;
  2. Affordable price;
  3. Versatility - suitable for different weather and under different clothes;
  4. High quality;
  5. Sneakers are easy to clean - they are easy to clean;
  6. Exclusively natural materials;
  7. Incredible comfort - breathable insoles, perforation, shock absorption, low weight;
  8. Huge selection of colors and materials, while maintaining other advantages;
  9. Air Force - great for customization (tuning). The classic white or black air force color is ideal for customizing sneakers (customization is a modern trend, a type of shoe “tuning” when it is painted and decorated with all kinds of materials and colors).